[Extra post] Why use Social monitoring tools?

Written on Sunday, 29 September 2013 by Chris Vo

I thought I should do an extra blog post as requested by a user on my LinkedIn account about why we should use social monitoring tools. Here it is :)

So these are 7 reasons why  you should consider social monitoring tools from a corporate perspective.

• Tailor your approach - It enables us to be aware of our next strategy or simply what we should post next on social media
• Measuring market effectiveness - We can see what the trends or conversations that our favourite brands or products are producing.
• Manage crisis pro-actively - We are able to identify negative criticism and attend to them promptly
• Public relations – ships! - This encourages connections with the community
• Benchmark your competition – Customers can compare products and services and recommend to friends through WoM (word of mouth) advertising. Monitoring competitors is crucial to know where you stand.
• Identify new market opportunities – Identifies new audiences, messages, ambassadors and more
• Insights in the most cost effective manner – Less time and less cost than traditional market surveys. Also in real time.

Hope this has helped you.

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