A Social Sector's use of Enterprise 2.0 in ONE

Written on Saturday, 7 September 2013 by Unknown

 Rewinding back a couple of weeks when I briefly discussed how Commbank implements a social technology strategy to reap the benefits and values of providing a strong community and customer-based support network, today I will go through how an organization from the social sector (i.e. a not-for-profit institutions and non-governmental organization), could benefit from using social technology. Again, we’ll base how the social sectors can create values and benefits from the McKinsey report.

ONE is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to advocate and campaign to tackle the extremities of poverty and preventable diseases affecting third world countries such as Africa. They achieve their objectives by raising public awareness, as well as informing world political leaders on the need to support policies and programs to save lives and ultimately put kids back in schools for a better future. Co-founded by Bono, the lead singer of U2 in 2004, ONE is highly active with African activists and policy makers.

Execute mission

You may have of already noticed many organizations use Facebook or Twitter to help spread a message quickly but ONE shares with their supporters and readers compelling stories or facts about to encourage movement to help fight ONE’s cause. Some of them I found were informative and some quite funny. 

ONE's online-presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube has helped them reach a massive 3 million supporters! Through these social technology channels, ONE promotes public awareness and encourages movement by their supporters to help reduce the severity of poverty as well as commitment towards preventing diseases (such as #AIDS #TB & #malaria) from occurring in Africa. 

So with the power of ONE organization to empower over three million supporters to take action, has proven that ONE has made a valuable use of social technologies to spread  the word of  their cause.

Here's a random fact..

On September 24 of this month, an organisation which ONE associates with, The Global Fund will launch a  mass social media campaign push to end the AIDS, TB and malaria diseases for good during a World leaders meeting at the UN General Assembly (UNGA). What will take place is a message which will be released to all supporters' social media page simultaneously with the following:

We can #BeTheGeneration to defeat #AIDS #TB & #malaria. Are you in? http://thndr.it/15zAOXb

This message will be shared simultaneously on Twitter feeds, Facebook and Google+. This is another quality example of a social sector building rapporting with their followers for a good cause.
You can donate your support here.

So what are your thoughts on ONE's smiley approach to providing facts on social media?

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  1. Anonymous |

    I agree with the notion that compelling stories about their organisation's achievements or just general achievements in their area engages supporters and encourages people to volunteer/donate.

    Also with than many followers, tweeting with a specified hashtag to get it trending could work and get a more global awareness.

    The campaign you posted about is a really good idea, you can support with Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr and invite friends to bring more awareness to the situation. Something that email and print marketing would not have been able to do.

  2. Unknown |

    Hi Chris,

    I think they make use of social media very effectively because they make use of their large number of followers to their advantages.

  3. chnG |

    I have find your random fact is very interesting that they were able to make use of their followers to help spread the awareness.

  4. Unknown |

    Thank you guys for your comments! Much appreciated.

    For a simple way to spread awareness of a cause is to create convincing content, share it on common social sites then watch your community grow. Kony2012 is another great example despite how quickly that noise deflated.

  5. Anonymous |

    Great read Chris.

    Yeah i think they really are using social media to their advantage. I quite like the random fact that you added in.


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